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Marlon Sanders here.

If you're on this page, it means you're ready to take the next step to not only obtain really high quality training but to assemble your sales machine A to Z.

This is hands down the most A to Z, in-depth, step-by-step training I've ever produced.  And what that means to you is you won't have any pieces of the puzzle left out.

Which means eliminating frustration and endless research.  It means you'll know what to do and how to do it.

It means you won't be in the dark any longer.  And you'll have a proven system for  assembling your sales machine step-by-step.

From the moment you log in, you'll see that this training gives you a whole new level of clarity, insight and understanding compared to every other program on the market -- bar none.


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How to Once and For All Nail Your Hungry Target Market

There's no advantage more important in marketing than having a Hungry Target Market or audience.

Yet, most people get stumped right here on step one.  They never move beyond it.

In Amazing Formula Reloaded I give you 10+ rock-solid processes to once and  for all FIND and NAIL down your Hungry Target Market.

You'll never be mystified by this again.

You'll have my most precise methods to get it  right. So many things taught about this are flat out wrong.  

They leave you choosing the WRONG target market that will NOT work for you.

Then you blame yourself and think it's YOU!

When, in fact, the problem was you chose a sucky target market to start with.

Well, with Amazing Formula Reloaded, this won't be a problem.

You start with process 1.  If that doesn't nail it  for you, you go to process 2 and so forth.

It's a virtual "can't fail method for finding your Hungry Target Market.


These processes are UNIQUE and you will  not find some of them anywhere else.

Yet, they're simple.

You just need to be shown where to LOOK  and what to look FOR.

It's surprising how many people overlook the acres of diamonds in their own backyard because they don't know what to look for.

They're sitting on a veritable fortune and don't know it.

This won't happen to YOU because you'll have  my entire Hungry Target Market Module.

Find Your Hot Product Opportunity That Brings You Loads of New Customers and Patrons

I call this your "front-end" product.

Not 1 in 1,000 marketers even know where that term came from.  But you'll have that secret knowledge and much more.

You'll know exactly how to use my unique 12-product survey method that only I teach for finding your Hot Product Opportunity.

You'll get my exact methods for quickly and easily coming up with tons of great ideas.

These are many levels beyond what  I teach in my entry-level products like How to Create High Profit Products In a Flash, the original Amazing Formula or the Fast Start System.

This is "next-level" information you won't find anywhere else.  And why is it so important to you?  

Because your "front-end" products are what bring new customers and patrons into your marketing funnel.


A customer buys from you one time.  I'm NOT into getting customers.

A PATRON buys from you over and over. And our goal is to SECURE profitable patronage.  We want to nail down the repeat business, which is where all the profits are.

I teach  you and show you HOW to do that.

The proof is in the pudding. I personally have millions in online sales to back this up.

In Module 2, I cover 5 elements that will give you CONTROL over sales and let you see the CAUSE behind why some products sell and others don't . Of course, nothing is 100%. Let me be very clear about that.

But more than anything I've discovered since 1996, after selling millions of dollars online, and researching thousands of books in my personal library spanning 3 rooms, and knowing and networking with the elite players in our industry, these 5 elements identify the CAUSE behind info products that catch on and sell.

Imagine being able to look over a sales video, letter or webinar and be able to say with total and absolute CONFIDENCE that it needs X and Z to increase sales, or to sell at all.

Imagine how that would make you feel. And what it would do to your personal reputation and power.

This is what you get with Amazing Formula Reloaded.  

You get the power to assemble and control your Sales Machine A to Z, from start to finish, front-end to back-end.

I don't know of ANY other course or system like this.

Converting Sales Messages


I'll tell you an interesting story.

In 2001 or thereabouts, I created a software program called Push Button Letters that codified the original 12-step formula I created for crafting sales letters.

This was the first 12-step formula taught. The next 12-step formula that was published came 3+ years later. The proof is in my 1997 video where I taught this formula at one of the very first Internet marketing seminars (now considered legendary) in Boulder, Colorado.

These seminars were attended by folks like Corey Rudl, Yanik Silver, Jeff Walker and many others who have gone on to fame and fortune. Interestingly enough, sincethat original formula was hard-coded into my software, dozens of other copycat software programs came out. (I’m not bitter about's the way the world works.)

But the ODD thing is, precious little creative thinking has been done concerning sales letter formulas.

People can make minor changes or variations to the core formula I innovated. But they don't REALLY understand at a gut level the PSYCHOLOGY that goes behind the steps.

In other words, you don't make a darned  dime until you someone BUYS from you.

And you're going to be levels above other marketers in your understanding of how to get sales.  This is more important than ever.

You see, today we have what I call "hyper-competition." However, once you know these 5 elements, AND my proprietary "Value Equation," it's child's play to look at the sales letters in a niche, topic or product line and see if they've covered all these bases thoroughly or missed a few.

If they missed a few, that's a "go signal" for you. It took me years and years of study and experimentation, dozens and dozens of online sales letters and millions in sales to hone and refine my understanding of these psychological sequences.

That gives you power and control over your sales process. It's the thing that can take you from creating sales letters, webinars or videos that don't sell or are mediocre to crafting real winners.


One of my propietary methods is called the "Value Equation."  

Notice I said Value EQUATION, NOT proposition. They are different.

I borrowed from Game Theory and psychology to assemble this method.  Others thought of the methods.

I just assembled them into a method so incredibly powerful, it will literally blow your mind when in 90-minutes I break down and re-assemble  a  Value Equation for one of our members who  was having a sales  issue.

Let's say you have a WSO, JVZoo, or  Clickbank offer that isn't converting.

Boom!  With the Value Equation, you'll be able to fix it in 90  minutes to a  few hours.

No one  else teaches this. Or if they do, they got it from me.

If you sell a product, a service, membership or promote an idea or cause, this will likely be the most valuable part of Amazing Formula Reloaded for you.

You'll be able to turn NON-sales into sales.  You'll have the power to take anyone's pitch and know in short order why it IS or is NOT selling.

Imagine being able to show someone with iron-clad logic why their offer isn't selling.

And how to fix it.

As a copywriter, I've been paid up to $10,000 (and even more) f or crafting letters or Value Equations that sell.   And how you'll have my secrets and  be able to perform your own magic.

How to Finally Get  All The Traffic You Need to Your Offers


One time out of curiosity I grabbed all the numbers I could find from our stats program Web Trends Live.

Turns out that as measured by 24 hour cookies, 1 out of every 102 people in the world who surfed the web with an English browser had been to one of my websites.


The point is, I know affiliates. In fact, Mike Filsaime and others would tell you I was the first person they saw to use an affiliate contest, an idea I modelled after how Mary Kay motivated her vast empire of sales ladies and men.

Just last week my new offer pushed it's way up to #1 on Warrior+.  And that was with ZERO pre-launch.

Last year I was #5 on JVZoo, again with zero pre-launch.

But I don't just  cover affiliate programs.  You're going to learn traffic methods you never heard  of and didn't even know existed.

You'll find out how to match your  traffic method to YOUR individual  skills.  This is something most people totally  screw up.  

I show you how to simply and easily find the best traffic method FOR YOU.

NOT what works for someone else.  But what is highly likely to work for you.


Multiple Streams of Income


I've done things in my career you "aren't supposed to do." For example, I sold $150,000 of a $997 training from a sales letter ALONE! You aren't supposed to be able to do that.

It's CRITICAL you have the power and ability to sell big tickets and have Multiple Streams of Income. Why? Because you can't live by the "front-end" alone. The front-end is what we as marketers call the first purchase from a customer. The "back-end" is all the sales that come after that. In other words, the follow up sales. The back end is the thing that pays the bills. The back end is the thing that puts your kids in college. The back end is the thing that funds college educations.

Selling your back end products is DIFFERENT from selling the front end. Why? Because very simply the price is higher. You have to build more value. And you use an elongated sales psychology sequence.

Once you "get it" and understand it, it's pretty simple. But trying to figure it out on your own could take years. Or you could copy what someone else does and have "hit-and-miss" success because you don't understand what you’re doing or why. That all changes when I walk you through big ticket sales psychology. Without this, you have an anemic business BECAUSE you're trying to survive on the "front-end" initial sales AFTER paying out 50% to affiliates (or more). 


If you do that, you're going to have skinny kids, rabbits and dogs!

You need more. Much more. That's where "the big ticket" comes in. Imagine checking your Paypal account and seeing $1500 here and $997 there. Or even higher! (I've personally sold up to $2500 using sales letters alone).

Not only that, I'm showing you Multiple Sources of Income:  Pigs, Chickens, Black Locust and more.

Haven't heard of these?  Well, you have an exciting time ahead for you.

Your mind will be blown. 


Email and Follow Up Marketing System


If your traffic and "front-end" is the engine of the business (and it is), then yoru FOLLOW UP is your GAS that makes the engine run.

This is where the mythical  "money-while-you-sleep" comes into play.

Last night, I made $80 or so while I slept.  Not a fortune. And some nights  I do much better.

But this is the POWER of your follow-up marketing and email.

Now, you'll learn email marketing AND other follow-up methods.

These are  all part of assembling your Sales Machine.

I leave no  stone unturned.

I'm going to show you how I've sold millions of dollars using email marketing.

I use and teach sequences of emails no one else does.

These are based on reams of scientific research, not my opinion.

If you want to take your email marketing and follow up to the next level, you can do it with what I reveal to you.

Not only that, you'll discover a free program that  creates the most drop dead pipeline you've ever seen that  results in buyers.

Yes, there are many courses that teach email marketing.

But almost always, these are at a surface level. They don't dive deep. And they aren't based on scientific research.  Nor are they based on millions in sales.


You'll appreciate the my methods are extremely potent and bring in sales.

But they're simple.

You don't need to write long, involved, complicated story sequences.

Those are cool and work.  It's just not how I do things.

If you need to generate cash fast, you can do it with a follow-up system, even if you don't have a list to start with.

You start by generating a small number of leads and putting your follow-up system into place..

Most people just send  broadcast emails. They have no follow up system.

I'm going to SHOW YOU my follow up system that brings in $70 to $200 per new customer.

You'll get to go behind the curtains and see HOW this works.  Once you get this, you'll be able to WRITE YOUR OWN PAYCHECK.

Only 200 new customers a month (a very small number) x $200 per customer equals  $40,000.

Only 150 new customers a month x $70 = $10,500.  

You'll see with your own eyes my follow-up sequence that brings in $70 to $200 per new customer.

You'll know what to do, how to do it, what emails to send. What  other types of follow up to do. How to track everything.

And you'll see how to create a pipeline that creates predictable income.

This is the funnest part of the business.  It's incredibly EXCITING to do.

Once you start on this step, I'll warn you.  You'll have a hard time getting sleep.  It gets real, real fast when you start creating a pipeline that funnels money to you on a predictable basis.

The big key is you get the OTHER steps in place first. Then this one becomes a piece of cake.  But without knowing your Value  Equation, your 5 elements, your htm, hpo and csm, you'll not likely succeed.


So far you've seen that while the Fail Safe System covers some of the crucial basics for beginners, it goes way BEYOND that to unique processes and mental shifts that give you a big advantage.

It puts the power and control in your hands. It gives you levers to pull that make things happen. It gives you big pictures with all the puzzle pieces put together for you, so you don't have to struggle forever trying to make sense of it all.

I've literally taken my accumulated knowledge since 1996 and before and smushed it all together into video capsules you can consume and get instant understanding from.

This is NOT a mere video course or training. You can buy those for 10 bucks (and get what you pay for). This is a transfer of my compressed and distilled KNOWLEDGE since 1996, directly transferred from my brain to yours.

I'm talking knowledge that created millions in sales and cost me at untold sums to learn. If you'd like to get those knowledge capsules handed to you on a silver platter, then things are about to get even more exciting. Because I'm going to break down each module in your training course you'll be getting at the end of this letter.

This is the very knowledge designed to take you from where you are this very minute and give you the power to have money come in while you sleep. Or play with your kids. Or vacation with your spouse. Or just hang out at Starbucks.

Module 1: Hungry Target Market

  • How to finally nail your target audience… the people who buy things over and over and can’t be satisfied.
  • How to find the people who will buy from you over and over… and most importantly, buy your big ticket. Did I say big ticket? Yes, I said big ticket!
  • You’ll have exact methods of researching hungry target markets. No guesswork here.
  • You’ll know what to look for and where, so you won’t spin your wheels.
  • You’ll have a new perspective which gives you more clarity.
  • Finally, you’ll avoid the big killer mistake people make.

 Gary Halbert said the #1 advantage you need in marketing is a starving crowd. this module will walk you step-by-step through choosing your Hungry Target Market, so you don’t end up selling to people who aren’t going to buy

most importantly, we’re zeroing in on your big ticket sales. today, it’s almost a MUST for you to have and sell a big ticket. we’re gonna NAIL this.


Module 2: Hot Product Opportunity

  • This is how you develop a hot front end offer that SELLS.
  • This is what brings FRESH NEW BUYERS into your marketing pipeline.
  • We’ll cover multiple income streams – digital products, physical products, planners and books, affiliate products and more.
  • You’ll learn how to quickly, simply and easily create front-end offers.

Module 3: Target Media

  • This is how you get the word out about your sparkling, valuable offer
  • With this module, you’ll know WHICH methods really WORK right now, today, to reach your target audience.
  • That means you won’t waste time, money and energy getting frustrated and stressed over methods bound to fail or get very little results
  • Your target media is HOW you get your offer to your target audience. For example, Facebook ads, affiliates or running a viral give away
  • You’ll be able to select the ONE METHOD to start with and focus on.
  • most people are dabblers.
  • They dabble a little with this. A little with that.
  • We don’t want to do that.  Instead, NAIL YOUR TARGET MEDIA
  • Decide intelligently between traffic sources
  • Have a good idea of what results to shoot for
  • Have realistic expectations, not pie-in-the skype smoke and mirrors
  • With the big ticket discovery, doors can open for affiliates and JV’s that weren’t open before.
  • Especially when combined with my SALES LETTER breakthrough coming next.
  • You’ll get the inside info you need to get affiliates and JV partners, in addition to FB ads and more.
  •  if I open the door, will you walk through it?
  •  I’ll open the door to creating and selling big tickets not only easier than ever before, but also reducing refunds and chargebacks because of the professionalism of delivery

Module 4: Converting Sales Messages, Video Sales Letters, Webinars, Phone Sales 

  • This is how you build value, which is the essence of what causes people to buy
  • The magic is in knowing how to get them to PERCEIVE the value you offer
  • Don’t worry.  There’s a FORMULA for doing this
  • If you’re struggling to get conversions, THIS is the answer
  • We all know the importance of the sales message
  • You’ll get my exact sales message formula modernized for 2016
  • Feel CONFIDENT if how you construct a pitch that sells by understanding the PSYCHOLOGY of it
  • The GAME CHANGER is having a certain “look” that opens doors
  • message + “The Look”

Module 5: Email and Follow Up Marketing System

  • These are the sequences and funnels that tie everything together
  • Obviously, email marketing, OTO’s and other methods are covered here
  • You’re going to LOSE the mystification built around the business
  • And boil things down to the essence and the few things that really make the BIG difference

Module 6: Back End Multiple Streams of Income

  • Including the BIG KAHUNA
  • What if I had a way for you to create a BIG TICKET that sold for $497 to $1,000 or more – and made it EASY.
  • Plus, what if it gave your product HIGH perceived value?
  • You could literally use this method to transform an ebook into a $497 (or more) product
  • Best of all, an outsourcer can even do parts of it for you
  • This is revolutionary. I'm very excited about it.
  • That is the MARGIN and the MONEY you need to PROFIT from Facebook ads or paid ads on Pinterest, Twitter, and other sources
  • Affiliates or joint venture partners make enough ATM, you can FAR more easily attract them
  • This is where we cover how to put income streams on full or semi AUTO PILOT
  • The money is in the repetition
  • Most importantly, you’ll get special knowledge on how to use my latest COURSE JAM BACK END
  • How to use courses to take your sales and profits to a higher level faster than ever before
  • Plus, I’ll also cover the SUPER Big Tickets of $5,000+
  • Webinars, phone consults. the whole shebang.
  • You get my insider insight

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